Influencer marketing for ecommerce

Run creator campaigns to promote your products on social media and your ecommerce site. Gain new traffic & sales from creator audiences and new content to lift conversions on-site.

Complete funnel

Get the most out of the content sourced from your creators by bringing engagement on social, first-party engagement in-store and data-driven optimization together for an unparalleled ROAS.

Hiking Essentials

Sports & Recreation
Jacey West, @jaceywest
Payout Card - REI Backpack

Discover the perfect influencers

Access and search millions of Creatable-verified creators to find the right fit for your brand and campaign. Target by any demographic or lookalike and learn who performs best.

Product seeding

Manage distribution of product inventory for your campaigns. Enjoy seamless fulfillment with our logistics service for delivering products to creators.

Plan & execute campaigns strategically

Work with a company and platform that ideates with you. We provide our expertise and white glove support, ensuring a one-stop shop from concept to completion, with results and guidance that inform your next spend.
Payout Card - Ole Moisturizer

Winter Skin Campaign

Beauty & Personal Care
Aysha Harun, @ayshaharun

Create compelling content

Content is everything. Source authentic and engaging content from the right creators for your brand, and learn which assets perform best with our data-driven technology.
Payout Card - Sally Beauty Moisturizer

Measure ROAS & optimize media spend

Monitor every transaction. We are the only creator platform that illuminates the entire funnel, from social engagement to sealing the deal in your online store.

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