Sales attribution

Understand what your customers are purchasing and the journey they took to get there.

Trackable links

Give powerful tracking links to your creators to capture the most sales.

Custom tracking links

Each tracking link can be configured to fit your needs.

UTM Support

Our tracking links have full support of UTM and custom URL parameters to help you better segment your analytics.

Direct attribution

Links that lead to purchases are directly attributed and reported on the platform.

Attributable events

Engagement events lead to sales attribution.

Video events

As users engage with video content on your site, a rich set of engagement events are created.

Photo events

As users engage with photo content on your site, every impression is tracked.

Sales events

When users who have engaged with your content make a purchase, their entire journey is followed.

Transaction detail

Detailed transaction information is key to understanding how your customers engage and shop online.

Item detail

The detail from the items purchased is available in our reporting section and via our Analytics API.

Creator attribution

The creator responsible for driving the sale is reported along with each transaction item.


Orders go through a strict qualification process, ensuring that valid engagement occurred prior to the sale.

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