Employee storefronts

Your store associates know your products better than anyone. Liberate them to sell in your online store.

Robust digital sales profile

A storefront on your site for each employee to share products and collections with customers.  

Book consultations

We integrate with Liveperson, Calendly and others to enable online chat and meetings booked online, directly from your employee's storefront.

Employees post directly from the mobile app

It's easy to post product collections and interactive video to your storefront, with trackable links to share each and every video.

Content discovery & search

Creatable storefronts support full search and filtering via our Content API, enabling the optimal experience for your consumers. Seamlessly integrate with external search and personalization engines.

Shoppable video & product collections

Expect a meaningful increase in time-on-site and conversions with interactive creator experiences.

Quality time on your PDP

Our widgets extend time on site by up to 3x.

Watch and buy

Bring your products to life and seal the deal.

Add to bag in the moment

We support direct cart integration.

Capture directly from social

Boost engagement on-site with high performing social posts.

Keep it fresh

Keep your site in sync with target audience trends.

Keep the funnel smooth

Maximize performance by ensuring a seamless transition from social to commerce.

Optimize with data

Creatable dynamically prioritizes high-converting assets on

Book a creator to market your products

No commitment. No limits.
Just a booking fee.