Analytics API

Access your data create new insights with our powerful API. Understand better how creator marketing works for your business.

Key metrics

Use our key metrics to build your own custom reports and integrate with existing dashboards.

Engagement events

Track how users engage with rich-media video and photo experiences.

Sales events

Understand when purchases are made and what events led up to those purchases.

Product link events

Track link clicks from around the work with easy to implement link events + customizable UTM parameters.

Configurable queries

Developers can dive deep into the data using our customizable Graph API.

Easy to understand Graph API

Our Graph API uses a standard structure and well documented data definitions, parameters and filters.


Give it a shot. Once you log in, you can navigate to our API explorer and easily start running queries for data.

Build and refine queries

Build advanced queries to pull custom data sets for use in your applications.

Fuel any dashboard

Extend your existing reporting infrastructure with our data.

Integrate data API calls

Our API is easy to integrate into existing systems and processes.

Pull custom data sets with ease

Once your queries are built, you can rely on our API to deliver data quickly and efficiently.

Communicate value to business stakeholders

Leverage our data to help communicate the true value of creator marketing to all stakeholders.

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