Secure content rights

Gain the rights you need to optimize your use of creator content.

Site organic use

Standard bookings include site organic use.

Shoppable video on site

Increase sales by 2X on product pages with our shoppable video widgets.

Social engagement on site

Extend time on site and increase customer loyalty with creator content.

First party data tells you more

First party tracking is essential for reliable attribution and reveals the value of influence lower in the funnel.

Social reposting

Standard bookings include a single social repost on your organic social channels.

Get more from your content

Get more out of each booking with content on your social channels.

Increase your credibility

Showcasing others speaking of your product elevates credibility.

Increase engagement

Post creator content to increase engagement on your social channels.

Social boosting

Source custom rights to boost content on your paid social channels.

Monitor content performance

Track how content performs on all organic channels.

Understand what works

When running a campaign with multiple creators, learn which content performs best for the campaign objective.

Boost high performing content

Invest your media spend on the content that you know performs well.


Source the rights to boost creator content on creator paid social channels.

Upgrade your media strategy

Deploy a more sophisticated approach to gain deeper access to an expanded creator audience.

Gain rights and access

Creatable will help you secure both rights and access to run allowlisting campaigns.

Double-down on credibility

Put media dollars to work with the added credibility of a creator post.

Book a creator to market your products

No commitment. No limits.
Just a booking fee.