Content distribution

Distribute content at scale by directing associates to post approved assets in concert, aligned with your marketing calendar.

Make assets shareable by your associates

Line up assets for distribution on holidays and other events.

Designate asset permissions

Enable access by tier/employee.

Run share campaigns

Automate posts across your program with share campaigns that automatically schedule posts for participating employees.

Measure performance

Easily track and analyze your team's progress across multiple destinations, identify trends, and make informed decisions to drive success

Target your audience

Control both message, and where your associates engage, with each campaign.

Align message with platform

Design each post for each target social platform.

Boost to storefronts

Schedule content to be shared to storefronts per product launch and event.

Automate distribution

Schedule content shareable periods and expiration settings to automate your entire distribution cycle.

Focus your associates with share campaigns

Automate a team to get the word out, with full branding and creative control.

Launch any product

Just latch on a share campaign to any product launch and improve your results.

Amplify what works

Repurpose existing creative with a highly engaging people-powered channel.

Monitor results

Generate instant sales and measure every transaction with our Track holistic attribution technology.

Book a creator to market your products

No commitment. No limits.
Just a booking fee.