Digital asset management

Run creator campaigns to promote your products on social media and your ecommerce site. Gain new traffic & sales from creator audiences, and new content to lift conversions on-site.

Product feed sync

Sync your product feed to Creatable to fuel your campaigns.

Product-specific bookings

Select a product and discover optimal creators that represent your ideal customer profile.

Product<>content matching

Creatable detects and indexes products matched to (or found in) in any video, enabling automated delivery to the right PDP, subject to your moderation settings.

Product<>creator matching

Creatable AI-powered search will suggest optimal creators per product, driven by their actual performance.

Unlock the power of site tracking

Gain actionable insights into conversion, engagement and first-party data to optimize your marketing strategy and drive revenue.

See the bigger picture with site tracking

Get a comprehensive view of creator performance on your website.

Take control of your data

Site tracking empowers you to collect, analyze, and act on first-party data, conversion metrics, and engagement insights to drive business growth.

Unify your metrics, amplify your success

With a detailed view of all your metrics in one place, make informed decisions, optimize your strategy, and drive business growth with confidence.

Content for every product

Gain coverage across your entire catalog to exponentially increase ROI from your creator marketing spend.

Gain coverage

Seek content to populate all PDPs.

Measure performance

Learn which creators and assets perform best.

Get the word out

Book lookalike creators with larger audiences, expand you reach.

Book a creator to market your products

No commitment. No limits.
Just a booking fee.