Site data

Our rich shoppable video and photo experiences generate true first party engagement and conversion reporting.

First party engagements

Receive interactive video & photo engagements on site and record detailed first party performance.

Video events

Video views are monitored for duration and frequency, to which sales are attributed with first-party precision.

Photo events

Photo views are equally insightful in understanding their impact in the funnel.


Transactions are recorded with our first-party conversion pixel, and attributed to qualifying first-party engagements.

Connecting the dots

Generating a full picture of the customer's journey requires meaningful and holistic data.

Customer journey

See all of the engagement events that lead to a customer purchase.

Detailed event timeline

Analyze which creators generated the most popular actions, and understand their respective conversion rates.

Powerful Graph API

Your customer journey data is at your fingertips. Access the entire timeline of data using our API.

Content performance

Measure the performance of your assets and benchmark your content creators.

Video engagement

Understand how your users engage with shoppable video content -- see the most popular "drop off" points.

Sales performance

Identify top performing assets with detail sales and content activity reports.

API access

Access content & creator performance data via our Graph API and integrate the data within the dashboards and reports of other systems.

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