Case Study: 


GAP came to Creatable looking for a better way to manage their Influencer relationships, expand the breadth of their influencer engagements to span from mega/celebrity influencers to micro and nano influencers, generate and measure actual ecommerce sales from their influencer engagements, and harness the power of authentic content that was limited to a short shelf-life on social media.

The Challenge

GAP has always had a strong social media presence, but efforts with influencers were expensive and unpredictable. Managing influencer relationships on spreadsheets was a challenge, and didn’t allow for scale. Most importantly, there was no reliable and consistent way to measure the impact of social engagement and translate it to sales.

The Objectives

GAP was looking for a single tool that would enable seamless sourcing, contracting, and management of influencers while providing insight into real performance on social media and visibility into actual impact on ecommerce sales.

The Solution

The Creatable Influence product gave GAP everything that they were looking for and more. Through Creatable, GAP was able to seamlessly discover and onboard new influencers to product campaigns, manage their product selection and delivery, moderate all content production and social media posting, and gain rights for content usage across all channels. Through Creatable’s ecommerce integration, GAP was able to extend the life of each piece of owned content that they gained by featuring it on the Creatable hosted on Gap’s ecommerce properties. As a result and with Creatable’s holistic tracking capabilities, GAP was able to gain valuable insights into every campaign, each creator, and each post from engagement to sales, on social media and on site. 

The Results

With Creatable, GAP’s performance with influencer marketing made immediate and significant improvements resulting in a markedly lower CPM than historical averages for influencer engagements. Additionally, owned content performance on site tripled standard sitewide conversion rates. GAP is now looking to further expand on-site experiences and illuminate their entire ecommerce funnel with influencer content.