Why celebs are out & content creators are in for today’s advertisers

January 9, 2023
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In the 1950s and 1960s, slick, glossy, celebrity-driven promotions grew in popularity – and it stayed this way until the rise of social media in the early 21st century.

These days, social media influencers have risen as the primary catalysts for ecommerce – leading to an uptick in profits for companies partnering with authentic, relatable content creators. So how can your brand leverage this phenomenon?

Why Celebs Are Out & Content Creators Are in for Today’s Advertisers

As the largest population of people who use social media, the Millennial and Gen Z populations have grown up technology-savvy from day one.

This had led them to become hyper aware of advertising tactics – and turn away from traditional means of promotion. Instead, they trust influencers more than the media, which means they’re more likely to listen to and trust recommendations from content creators with whom they connect authentically.

This is great news for brands, as influencer marketing is accessible and relevant to just about any and all industries.

Here’s how you can leverage content creators to become your new superpartners to sell your products and services.

Spark engagement to increase brand affinity.

Unlike with celebrities in the past, today’s influencers (micro, nano, or other) are literally in your pocket, available at any time.

In many cases, they communicate directly with their fan base in real time – building a business of engagement that connects emotionally and drives financial results.

The result of genuine conversations and accessibility creates an overwhelmingly loyal base of open-eared, trusting fans who will purchase from the right brand when guided by the influencer – which means an uptick in results for savvy brands.

Authenticity matters more than sound bites.

Recruiting an authentic creator is one of the five rules for high-performing influencer marketing partnerships.

Unlike a celebrity whose goal is to appeal to as many people as possible to maintain marketability, an influencer is able to build their personal values into their brand – using this position to create authentic connections with like-minded people.

Part of why trust is built between influencers and their followers is because consumers believe that the things an influencer says are not scripted – but rather from the heart. They believe these influencers have no ulterior motive, they’re trusted more than polished sound bite-delivering media personalities.

This “real-life human element” offers brands the opportunity to connect at an emotional and values level with the target audience they wish to engage – and leverage the bond between creator and fan.

Relatable creators are as trusted as your best friend.

Relatable content creators are viewed by their community as being peers – even if they have an aspirational lifestyle.

Many of them open their entire life to their followers, which drives an emotional connection through the screen. This transparency leads fans to believe “this person is just like me” – and are therefore highly receptive to the products and services they use and recommend.

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