January 8, 2019
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Google has reaffirmed the value of the Creatable! Google continuously optimizes its algorithms to bring consumers the best results. Recent updates have further emphasized the significance of a standalone video page for video SEO. Creatable continuously stays abreast of Google’s updates and will ensure that the video experiences served by the Video Commerce Cloud are at all times perfected for video SEO.

Each video page that you publish through the Creatable platform is powered by multiple components that are tested for full compliance with Google’s video best practices. The end result is a published Creatable that in each case automatically becomes a video search result in Google!

The following are a few key elements of a Creatable that ensure optimal SEO performance:

  • A Standalone Dedicated Page for Every Video.
  • Canonical URLs for All Creatables.
  • Automatic Creation and Submission of a Video Sitemap.
  • Automatic Updates to the Video Sitemap.
  • Automatic Creation of Full Video Schema.
  • Automatic Creation of Full Related Product Schema.
  • Automatic Creation of Relevant Page Markup.
  • Blazing Fast Video Streaming Speeds and Page Loading Times.


The Anatomy of a Creatable

By publishing Creatables on your site, you will maximize your chances of first page rankings for each of your product videos. As Google states:

“Create a standalone landing page for each video, where you can gather all its related information.”


With the Creatable Video Commerce Cloud, each Creatable will automatically contain all matched products for the video in question, not only making the video shoppable but also adding such related product schema to each Creatable. This ensures that your videos come up on Google search results when people search for related product keywords, not just the title and description of the video, which is less likely to be searched by shopping consumers who are seeking information about products. Read more about Video Commerce Intelligence here and learn how the intelligence around the matching products for every video enables you to dynamically fuel your entire catalog (and all associated Creatables, Product Pages, and Category Pages) with matching content at all times.     

Today, more than ever, internet users turn to video over image and text. Over 70% of people are more likely to click on a video search result than any other. Google is well aware of this and increasing the volume of video searches at extraordinary rates.

According to a recent study done by Creatable, over 30% of search results on Google are in video form, and over 90% of these results presently take you to This creates a tremendous opportunity for you to harness such new traffic and enable consumers to engage with content that relates to your products, on your site.

We at Creatable believe that your website should be the primary destination that engages with your customers on matters relating to your products. Just consider the ROI from increasing your search traffic by up to 30%. The numbers are staggering!

If you would like to learn more about how you can immediately benefit from video SEO with Creatables, click here to chat with a video commerce specialist today.

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