Video Commerce Sales are up by 300% during COVID-19

April 20, 2020
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Across all Creatable clients, ecommerce sales generated by video have increased by 300% since February 1, 2020. As people are unable to walk into stores, they spend more time watching video on ecommerce sites.

In comparison, ecommerce sales across all Creatable clients have grown by 35% since February 1, 2020. So, while ecommerce is booming during COVID-19, video commerce is growing at an even higher, unprecedented, rate. This demonstrates the power of video commerce, particularly when physical stores are closed. 

With Creatable, brands can put salespeople in their online stores in the form of shoppable video-powered storefronts. With Creatable, brands can recruit, manage, and commission ambassadors (sales associates, customers, and industry influencers) to sell products with video to their social audiences. 

These shoppable videos are automatically posted to the brand’s site, driving new traffic and sales via the ambassador’s social following and organic search results. 

If you would like to learn about how you can fill your online store with salespeople, contact us today to speak with one of our specialists.

About Creatable

We enable retailers to sell online via ambassadors, and ambassadors to sell for retailers. As a retailer, your ambassadors become your digital salesforce and may consist of in-store sales associates and external influencers. Approve, manage and commission all ambassadors on the Creatable platform. Ambassadors post to their storefronts on the retail site, and share shoppable content with their followers on social, driving new sales from both social and organic search.

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