Think it’s too early to talk back to school (BTS) influencer marketing? Think again.

June 6, 2023
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Back to School Marketing: An Early Bird Approach

Shany Caidar, CRO ✉️

The Early Start of Back to School Shopping

Back to School (BTS) marketing starts early; 56% of consumers began BTS shopping in early July 2022 according to the NRF with 53% of K-12 spending to be completed by the end of July, although the season runs through mid-September.

The Financial Landscape of BTS Shopping

BTS buying represents a huge opportunity; Deloitte estimates that BTS spending came in at $34.4 billion last year. With ongoing economic uncertainty expected to persist in H2 2023, BTS shoppers are anticipated to continue exhibiting many of the same cost-conscious behaviors that defined the previous year. These include:

  • A focus on budget-conscious purchases
  • A reliance on digital shopping channels
  • A preference for discounts

Creating Engaging BTS Campaigns

BTS campaigns should focus on not only excellent deals, but also creating content that can keep your consumers engaged on site as they check off their list of products.

The Influence of Social Media on BTS Purchases

BTS purchases are also heavily influenced by social media with the social savvy Gen Zers and Gen Alphas driving purchasing decisions. 35% of customers in the US use social media to help buy BTS supplies.

To succeed, marketers should:

  • Identify the right influencers based on target audience and brand values
  • Create an authentic relationship with the creator that will resonate with their audience
  • Weave a story that meets the consumer throughout their purchasing path effectively

The Rise of Sustainability in Shopping Preferences

Incorporating sustainability into the shopping experience is another trend that’s expected to see growth in 2023. According to surveys, younger consumers and parents are more environmentally conscious than previous generations, and therefore are willing to pay a little extra for products made with sustainable materials or with eco-friendly packaging.

The Importance of KPIs in BTS Campaigns

Above all of these trends resides the importance of clear definition of KPIs and priorities for your BTS campaigns. Earlier kick off of strategizing enables campaigns that focus on consumer behavior and check all the boxes to ensure your ROAS meets and exceeds your expectations.

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