The most overlooked way to get more ROI out of your influencer marketing

February 28, 2022
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Consistently, industry studies show influencers inspire a high level of trust thanks to their authentic approach to communication and relationship building. When done correctly, this can directly correlate to the ROI generated for brands who engage in influencer marketing as a channel. In fact, Forbes recently published an article sharing how e-commerce brands are leveraging creator-led campaigns effectively – and seeing up to $6.50 returns for each $1 spent.

As marketers, we tend to think in terms of ourselves: we want to know exactly how to measure the success of influencer marketing campaigns and which steps to take to achieve a successful collaboration. But getting the most out of your efforts means thinking about things from a different perspective: that of the consumer. 

In influencer marketing, just like e-commerce of any type, your efforts are likely to tank if you’re not thinking about the end user. You may have the best brand-influencer collaboration out there, but you’ll be missing a huge opportunity if you aren’t offering your site’s visitors a stellar online shopping experience. 

Creating a seamless, online shopping experience is key if you want your influencer marketing campaign to work. In fact, it’s the most overlooked way to get ROI out of your influencer marketing. 

It makes no difference whether your target audience is young or more mature. Conversion is the core outcome of today’s marketing objectives. Consumers are more savvy than ever and they expect fast, simple, intuitive experiences online – particularly when it comes to purchasing.

Facilitating an effortless shopping experience can make the difference between a sale and an abandoned cart. Which is what makes Creatable so revolutionary. The platform connects natively to your backend and enhances your one-click buying experience – which means you’re more likely to increase your sales and see ROI from your influencer relationships. 

An influencer’s currency in the social media world depends on being affiliated with authentic brand partners. And by providing the best brand and product experience, you’re able to ensure strong followership and loyalty for both you and your creator partner. And best of all, with a first party attribution model like the one that Creatable offers, influencers can directly see which campaigns resonate best with their community – and you as the marketer can track ROI clearly, consistently, and efficiently. 

From Shopify to WooCommerce, Creatable’s platform is compatible with all of the major ecommerce platforms and integrates natively so sales take place directly from your cart. No more lost data or cobbling together reports from multiple sources – and hoping the story they tell is reliable. The data you’ll receive in Creatable’s insights dashboard is clear, accurate, and updates in real time so you can pull reports and measure the success of your campaigns, instantly and with confidence. 

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