Study: Mobile Video Ads With Interactive Calls-To-Action Deliver Better Results

November 5, 2018
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By Alex Weprin

Not all mobile video ads are created equal.

Mobile video ads that are interactive and “shoppable” are more effective at capturing user attention and generating brand lift, according to a new study from Interactive Advertising Bureau and its Digital Video Center for Excellence.

The IAB study, “The Interactive Ad Effect: CTAs in Mobile Video Shoppable Ads,” looked at three different calls-to-action (CTAs) across four different verticals.

It showed all CTAs are successful in increasing consumer attention and can lay “the groundwork for a direct relationship between the consumer and the advertiser.” Further, one specific CTA, asking consumers if they want to “learn more,” yielded even higher engagement and brand recall.

Consumers in the study also liked the convenience of being able to buy a product directly from an ad.

“These findings indicate that customers note the ability to shop or learn more right from the onset. The great promise for shoppable ads is not only the immediate ability to capture sales, but also in smart retargeting,” said Sue Hogan, senior vice president, research and measurement. IAB.

“Retargeted ads would provide greater potential for brands to both convert to sales as well as to build direct relationships with consumers,” she added.

The IAB released the findings at its Direct Brand Summit, which kicked off Tuesday in New York.

The full report is here.

Study: Mobile Video Ads With Interactive Call-To-Action Deliver Better Results

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