Leveraging TV Pages for Paid Social Media Campaigns

November 8, 2018
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So, you’re running paid social media campaigns but not sending the traffic to your TV Pages – well, you’re missing out on a significant increase in conversions.  A TV Page is the perfect landing page for your paid social media campaign.  We don’t make that claim lightly. We have the statistics to back it up!

Here are 3 reasons why you need to immediately start using TV Pages for your social media campaigns:

  1. CONVERSION RATE:  TV Pages convert better than any other type of landing page. Period.  On average, our retail clients benefit from an 80% boost in conversion rate after switching to TV Pages, with a per visitor conversion rate of 6%!  Moreover, clients that use TV Pages for their paid campaigns see a 34% increase in average order value and a 5-10x lift in engagement.  As they say, an image is worth 1000 words.  If that’s the case, then a shoppable video is worth that much more.  Ultimately, a TV Page embodies the kind of engagement that customers are accustomed to on social media, retaining and converting customers at an entirely new level.
  2. RETARGETING:  With many online shoppers it can take 6-8 touches before they make a purchase.  Retargeting is the best and quickest way to accumulate these touches – ensuring that you are not missing out on sales from top of the funnel visitors.  The TVPage Video Commerce Cloud enables you to easily and accurately create new audiences from your TV Page traffic.  Using our Video Commerce Intelligence, you can create extremely granular audiences based on a variety of video analytics such as view length, video type, visitor product interaction, and more.  Our platform is natively integrated with both Facebook and Google, enabling you to successfully retarget these audiences across the internet.
  3. OPTIMIZATION.  Automatically optimize your landing pages by leveraging the TVPage Video Recommendation Engine.  The TVPage Video Commerce Cloud will dynamically deliver the most relevant and highest converting related videos to your visitors, as they land on a TV Page.  Moreover, you can send the traffic to the highest converting video on any topic to begin with. This results in longer time on site and increased conversion rates.  When you’re running campaigns at scale, a/b testing hundreds of landing pages can be a daunting task.  Allow us to take on the heavy lifting and ensure that you are getting the most out of your valuable campaign dollars.

As you can see, TV Pages are the perfect sales tool to supercharge your paid social media campaigns.  Start converting more social media traffic into actual sales – schedule your demo today!

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