Last-minute influencer marketing campaign ideas for ecommerce brands

March 10, 2022
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If you’re a little behind in pulling together your influencer marketing strategy for the holidays, don't worry. 

There are still many ways to find the right influencers and create a scalable, profitable campaign to hit your year-end revenue goals. In fact, with last-minute online shopping being extremely common in recent years, a final hours influencer campaign may even work in your favor. 

Influencers have leaned into holiday gift guides and product reviews, as mentioned in this MediaKix article. This year, many creators are niching down to create intimate, relatable content and partnerships they know their followers will love – a more personal approach than ever before.

Of course, the ideal way to run creator campaigns is to let the influencer be your guide. Influencer marketing is much stronger when it’s authentic – but it’s always wise to show up with some ideas in your back pocket if you’re running a last-minute holiday campaign. 

We’ve put together 3 influencer campaign ideas you can run quickly and easily – without much effort, planning, or coordination. 

Last-Minute Influencer Marketing Campaign Ideas for Ecommerce Brands

1. Creator Day. 

Of course you know about Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but who says you can’t make up your own holiday?

Amazon Prime Day brought in $11.19 billion in 2021. This record 2-day offer bonanza is poised to outpace their Cyber Monday sales. 

Why not announce your own shopping holiday to celebrate your influencers? Introducing “Creator Day”.

On Creator Day, your influencers can promote their favorite holiday products and offer a discount just for their community. Let them choose the products that are most relevant to their audience. And be sure to hype up Creator Day in advance, just like Amazon Prime Day does. Use the same campaign hashtag for all influencers so you can build cohesion and virality. 

2. Partner with a charity. 

These days, many consumers would be happy to skip the discounts and use their buying power to give back. And in the spirit of the holidays, your brand might find ways to do the same. 

Work with your influencer to donate products or a portion of sales to a charity they care about. Or if your brand is aligned with one already, let your influencer know how you’re building giving back into your holiday campaign. They’re highly likely to get on board.

While there may not be a profit connected to this effort, brand affinity is key to building loyal customers. 81% of millennials say they want to support brands with corporate citizenship according to a recent study from Horizon Media – and this is growing year over year. So aligning with philanthropic endeavors is not just good for your brand, it’s good for the world.

3. Share holiday expert Q&A sessions.

Want to feature a holiday product or introduce a new line? A quick way to get the right information into the hands of your ideal consumers is to invite influencers to a Q&A session with your brand’s holiday expert. 

This style of campaign works because the influencer doesn’t need to know much about the product, service, or offer. The creator guides the conversation and your in-house expert does the heavy lifting of content sharing. Influencers love this style of campaign because they get to offer education to their community – without having to carry the full conversation. 

To make it even easier for your influencers to succeed with a last-minute campaign, provide them with talking points, sample questions, and product prompts so they can spend more time engaging and less time stressing about what to cover. 

While time is something almost all of us want more of, last-minute campaigns can still work for your brand – and your influencers – if you have the right tools Creatable helps you spend more time being creative and less time with the admin, setup, and infrastructure of a campaign. All the vital data you need to track results is baked right into the platform, so you can see how your holiday efforts are performing in real time. 

Plus, if you’re looking to tap a new audience or expand your reach, you can find and recruit authentic influencers in minutes using the Creatable creator marketplace. Creators rave about the user-friendly app, which lets them publish high-quality content right from their phone – with direct connections to your brand’s ecommerce platform. Schedule a demo with us here and let us show you how you can leverage last-minute holiday influencer campaigns to hit your 2021 goals.

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