Creatable brings Salespeople into Shopify E-Commerce Stores

September 29, 2020
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New integration enables businesses powered by Shopify to launch virtual ambassador storefronts that drive social selling and increase revenue

September 29, 2020 -- San Diego, CA -- Creatable, the company that powers virtual brand ambassador storefronts for e-commerce, is now available to all businesses powered by Shopify. The Creatable Ambassador Storefront app enables businesses using Shopify to establish ambassador and influencer programs directly through the platform to increase performance-based marketing channels and drive new revenue. 

Creatable identified the need to arm small and mid-sized e-commerce businesses with tools to grow an online ambassador network. Through Creatable technology, retailers of any size on Shopify can now grow an online sales network to represent their brands, increase traffic and generate sales. This integration allows brands to seamlessly source a network of ambassadors within the Shopify platform, providing a level of accessibility that did not exist prior.

“Large brands have been leveraging and growing online ambassador programs for years now,” said Allon Caidar, CEO and Co-founder, Creatable. “Now directly through the Shopify platform, smaller and emerging e-commerce stores can leverage social selling strategies with online ambassadors that will create measurable value for their businesses. We give businesses of any size the tools to grow their presence online.“ 

E-commerce stores using the platform on Shopify can enlist ambassadors to sell online through personalized virtual storefronts using shoppable video, product collections and live events that increase consumer engagement. With social selling becoming a necessity for e-commerce stores, brands can now turn on their sales team in Shopify to amplify brand awareness through personalized and meaningful channels.  

Offering a seamless solution, Creatable allows for the creation of virtual storefronts managed by carefully selected brand ambassadors who effectively and efficiently help brands reach their social engagement and revenue goals. Fully equipped with shoppable video, photo collections, and live streaming, Creatable’s app handles everything including awarding commission for ambassadors, allowing brands easy access to this game-changing feature. 

An ambassador selling beauty products from her apartment with shoppable video on, powered by Creatable

To learn more about the Ambassador Storefronts app, find it on the Shopify app store here.

About Creatable

Creatable enables salespeople beyond the limitations of physical stores by activating ambassador storefronts on e-commerce sites, where they post shoppable content. Ambassadors drive traffic to their storefronts from their social audiences, generating new engagement and sales. Shoppable videos become discoverable on Google search. Creatable serves the entire experience, and directly reports on all sales. Ambassadors can earn a commission from their sales, paid directly on the app. Creatable customers include Macy’s, HSN, AutoZone, Bed Bath & Beyond, Kay Jewelers, and others.

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