Get Creatable on Site

Run an influencer campaign on Creatable to source content for any product, and lift conversions by 2-3X by publishing the content on your site with Creatable Site.
Shoppable video

Shoppable video

Seal the deal with embeddable widgets in your online store that enable consumers to seamlessly add-to-cart directly from creator content.

Become a shoppable media destination

Deploy on-site experiences that increase conversions and deliver an experience that keeps them coming back for more.

Storefronts for your salespeople

Grant storefronts to your Online Sales Team. Empower your salespeople to promote content and product collections to their customers.

Curated product collections

Enable salespeople to post shoppable videos and photos, and showcase curated collections to share with customers. All links and interactions become attributable events for tracking resulting sales on the platform.

Content commerce engine

Creatable Stream offers a robust API and framework to search, discover and render creator content with automated context to any product, category, page, keyword, or other context. All content is optimized to auto-render in the order of highest-performing via integration with Creatable first-party data.

Complete funnel analytics

Creatable campaigns can generate powerful results, but the real value lies in your ability to surface and understand the data. Our platform measures all engagement and conversions from social media to your first-party site, delivering a complete funnel view.

Boost online presence from social to site

Meet consumers everywhere and optimize performance with the unparalleled end-to-end solution offered by Creatable, from social to site.

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