Increasing Online Sales with your Store Associates

March 7, 2024
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This article explains how you can increase your online revenue from activating your store associates using Creatable Team, a product uniquely designed to leverage your fixed investment in store associates in order to generate new meaningful engagement and sales online. In using Team, you can launch and run your online salesperson program to power a lift in sales in each of the following four ways.

1. Creatable Widgets. Streaming content from salespeople in shoppable form on your Homepage (HP) and Product Page (PDP) with Creatable shoppable content technology.

2. Power in Numbers. Drive traffic to your online store from social media in high quantities from activating many salespeople in concert.

3. Storefronts for Salespeople. Allocate storefronts to salespeople that incorporate a clienteling medium to drive shoppers to engage with their content and chat with them directly.

4. Gallery of Content. Elevate time on site and increase sales by enabling shoppers to explore content and convert at higher rates.

Let’s discuss each a bit further below.

1. Creatable Widgets

Running shoppable content on the HP and PDP generates a meaningful lift from an expected significantly higher conversion rate than your typical site conversion rate. At Creatable, we consistently see an average conversion lift of 2-3X when deploying our shoppable content technology.

Creatable first-party analytics enable you to measure both engagement and conversions attributable to your team’s moderated yet authentic shoppable content.

Creatable measures actual first-party engagement with shoppable content where such interactions (such as a video view) are attributed to sales with Creatable first-party tracking, establishing a new engagement path to the cart from interactive creator content coming from your salespeople (and influencers, as may be desired).

The end result is a complete funnel view into what’s actually happening, from social (via Creatable social integration) to engagement on site (via Creatable shoppable experiences), bridging the gap from social branding & reach to concrete sales tracked with first-party data integrity and reliability.

2. Power in Numbers

Your salespeople should be looked upon as nano influencers. While each salesperson may only have hundreds or a few thousand followers, the collective audience from all salespeople becomes meaningful by combining the many smaller customer-centric high-engaging audiences.

Your salespeople know your product the best and are able to establish meaningful connections with a smaller customer-centric follower base that is highly engaged. At Creatable, we consistently see very high engagement rates from salespeople, which makes them highly effective in numbers. Once your program is running a few hundred salespeople, you will begin to see impactful sales resulting from running campaigns with your salespeople.

Creatable offers two campaign types on the Team product: (i) content creation and (ii) content sharing campaigns. We suggest using both to get the most out of your team. Content creation should target those salespeople who show savvy creation capabilities and whose content represents your brand the best and converts exceptionally well. You will be able to see this with Creatable analytics, and easily search for such top performing content on the dashboard.

Content sharing campaigns offer a highly effective way to activate the highest number of salespeople to post in concert. You simply provide them with pre-approved content to blast on their channels, and can do this around a marketing event/product launch. Creatable consistently sees the immediate generation of seven figures in new sales on campaigns that activate hundreds and thousands of store associates in concert.

Using a mix of content creation campaigns to source and post content (targeting top performers) and pre-approved asset distribution via content sharing campaigns with your broader team will pull in a significant lift in sales.

3. Storefronts for Salespeople

Providing storefronts to salespeople on your site can generate immense value. These storefronts run on our platform, are seamlessly integrated with the site and can be customized by your salespeople on the Creatable app to make it their own. Salespeople can post top product collections on their storefronts on a daily basis. They can send any customer to their storefront to view a particular product or collection, from within the store or from anywhere, anytime. All of this strengthens the omnichannel connection with your customers.

Storefronts enable salespeople to pull in traffic directly from their link in bio such as this example from a Jared Jewelers associate (click on link in bio and then ”my stylist portfolio”) to take shoppers to her storefront here.

Storefronts enable salespeople to chat with shoppers and showcase their hottest collections. Creatable can easily be integrated with any chat, clienteling or appointment setting tool. This offers each salesperson a controlled and complete cycle to operate and sell for you independently online. Storefronts, as scale, become a significant source for new online sales from your existing team. You can also use Creatable tracking links to send customers who purchased from a particular associate directly to their storefronts from e-receipts and order confirmation/thank you emails that you regularly send customers post purchase, generating a retargeting mechanism to bring them back to engage with the person who helped them online, further tightening the omnichannel path and connection with your customers.

4. Gallery of Content

Lastly, as content starts pouring in from your team, you now have a bed of new assets, matched to your catalog, that you can make shoppable on your site with a Creatable gallery. Control which content appears by product availability, salesperson tier, or other moderation mechanism on the Creatable platform. Enable shoppers to search and discover the content with Creatable tools powered by the Creatable Content API.

Creatable consistently finds that shoppers spend an extended time on site watching videos and engaging with such content. Send traffic to the gallery from your site header, email blasts, and other channels in order to generate a meaningful lift in sales from higher conversion rates.

All sales from the above initiatives are tracked and monitored in detail on Creatable and reported on the platform, exported with ease or directly imported into your Adobe or Google analytics.

The Creatable team looks forward to assisting you in growing your online presence and increasing online sales by activating your existing salespeople online.

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