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Case Study: 


Signet is the leading diamond retailer in the country, with familiar brands that you’ll find in most malls across the country, including Zales, Jared and Kay Jewelers. As a key component of their Inspiring Brilliance strategy, designed to establish Signet as the innovation leader of the jewelry industry, in partnership with Creatable, Signet empowers their entire 26,000+ strong workforce across 7 brands with the tools and technology available through the Creatable Team product to proactively engage their customers with inspirational content whenever, wherever, and however they want to shop. Enabling content-based clienteling and social selling for the Signet sales teams has led to a dramatic increase in sales and engagement from both new and existing customers across all channels.

The Challenge

Signet was faced with the challenge of enabling their digital and in-store sales teams with a comprehensive solution for reaching their customers wherever they are (social media, email, SMS, clienteling, etc.) with relevant and timely content that could be tracked across all digital channels and sales attributed to the appropriate salesperson, store, and region. There were many tools in place across the teams and brands that assumed pieces of this effort, but none that worked for every touchpoint, and none that allowed Signet to measure success of their digital sales and marketing efforts.

The Objectives

Signet needed a single tool that was powerful and flexible enough to empower their sales teams to distribute and market content to their customers as a one-to-one and one-to-many communication. Additionally, they needed content campaign workflows that enabled directed and structured content creation and distribution, to act on immediately or schedule for a later date in preparation for marketing calendar events such as “Valentine’s Day”. Signet also required that their customers act upon these workflows by booking appointments, asking questions, learning more, and, of course, making a purchase. Finally, all such engagements and resulting sales from content needed to be measured and attributed to the correct salesperson in one place, giving Signet a comprehensive view of the success of their digital marketing and sales efforts.

The Solution

With Team, Signet was able to activate flexible content campaigns that empower their 26,000 sales people across 7 brands to schedule and distribute pre-approved content to social media or directly through clienteling. They were likewise empowered to provide direction for structured content creation & content sharing campaigns to their sales teams, enabling highly personalized sales efforts. Signet activated personal storefronts on each brand’s ecommerce site for every salesperson. These storefronts feature a collection of shoppable videos and photos created and/or shared by each salesperson, and enable customers to shop and book appointments with the salesperson, ask a question through SMS and Whatsapp, or to purchase the perfect product directly from any of the shoppable posts. Because of Creatable’s deep ecommerce and social media integrations, all activity resulting from any digital salesperson’s efforts (from social media to the ecommerce site and everywhere in between) is measured and reported on Creatable analytics. Signet has gained highly insightful reporting that enables management to easily monitor the success of their global sales and marketing efforts holistically, and drill down to any individual campaign, store, region, salesperson, or shoppable post.

The Results

With Team, Signet consolidated all digital sales and marketing efforts from their 26K salespeople into a single powerful and highly effective omnichannel that delivers insights and visibility into success that was not previously available at any level. Signet has since activated all 7 brands in the US and Canada on Creatable, and will soon expand into their UK banners. Campaign activity on Creatable is a key component to the program’s success with the Signet team launching weekly successful campaigns to activate all associates yielding continued scale and success across the entire organization.