The unexpected way home decor brands attract new customers

February 8, 2023
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Despite the world slowly reopening, many consumers still spend a large portion of their time at home. 

Over the past two years, there’s been a spike in home decor sales – and much of this boom can be attributed to fashion influencers. In fact, Fashionista explored the crossover of fashion bloggers turned interior design influencers. 

Fashionable influencers noticed their communities were asking about more than their shoes, bags, and apparel. When they posed in their latest outfit online, followers were excited to learn about their entire lifestyle – including their furniture, bedding, and dishware. 

This phenomenon opened the doors for fashion influencers to cross over into a new vertical: home design and decor.

With a keen aesthetic and unique point of view, fashion influencers’ style extends to their homes. And now many influencers create content in kitchens, living rooms, and bedrooms, which gives followers a sneak peek into how they live in real life.

Fashion and home design have much in common: colors, vibe, and textures. So it makes sense that if a fashion-forward influencer has attracted a strong following by being known for her bright striking attire, how she styles her home is likely to be equally fascinating and compelling to her community. This has led to new opportunities for both industries.

The Unexpected Way Home Decor Brands Attract New Customers

Brands with interior design products have tapped fashion influencers as the next wave of partners – leading to attracting a new audience.

For example, upcycling is a popular trend among millennial and Gen Z consumers. Their eco-conscious values have translated to how they design their homes. This demographic is also social media savvy – and highly influenced by relatable content creators online. So a home brand with sustainability and environmental responsibility as its core values would likely do well should they partner with a fashion influencer who has upcycled their home.

Another way the home-design industry works with fashion influencers is sending them products for their home. They know that by working with an authentic creator to outfit their apartment, their products will be seen and the influencer will have ample opportunity to talk about the rugs, dining table, or couch pillows on display in video and photos. This in turn often leads to an increase in traffic – and ultimately, sales.

How to find the right influencers for your home design and decor brand.

The first step is to get clear on your values and what your goals are for a partnership. This will create a filter through which you consider potential brand ambassadors.

Then it’s time to pull together a list of creators. You could do this work on your own… scouring Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok searching for potential partners. Or you could do it the easier way, which is to leverage Creatable’s creator marketplace.

Not only can you quickly find and compare potential influencers in your niche, you’ll also be able to onboard them easily with the user-friendly and intuitive interface.

Another key perk of working with the Creatable platform is that it natively integrates into your ecommerce software, so all data is pulled in, tracked, and analyzed using first party attribution – and is in real time. No more hunting down reports from multiple sources, trying to put together a story, and hoping the numbers are correct. 

With Creatable, content is created by the influencer on a creator-facing app connected to your platform and then broadcast out to their respective channels. No data is lost and numbers are clear, reliable, and easy to understand.

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