The future of beauty brands: connection, commerce & community

November 16, 2022
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Beauty brands have never been more diverse than presently. There are products, treatments, and solutions for just about every niche: from eco-friendly and vegan to demographically specific options.

And while the beauty industry will continue to niche down and serve even more niches, the global future of beauty brand success comes down to “The 3 Cs”: connection, commerce, and community. This is especially important when it comes to influencer marketing.

Even if your brand is outside of the beauty industry, you can apply these same principles to achieve success as well.

The 3 Cs for Beauty Brand Success in Influencer Marketing


In L’Óreal’s 2020 annual report, they share the story of how they leveraged influencers to curate personalized experience for the brand’s followers.

They tapped their network of beauty experts and advisors to offer personalized advice and instant replies to messages, which offered immediate value to consumers. Some of their new brand influencers became social media stars, generating thousands of loyal followers hungry for their insights on beauty products – and building brand affinity at the same time.

This is a prime example of how vital authentic online connection is for brands. Consumers crave personal connection – they often view relatable influencers as their friends, even though they’ve never met in real life. Over time, this connection builds trust, which breeds loyalty… and eventually leads to increased sales, engagement, and customer retention.

For your brand, partnering with authentic creators and influencers that align with your brand’s mission, vision, and values can help create the kind of consumer connection that boosts your bottom line. By allowing creators to own the relationship, and curate content based upon their audience’s likes and desires, your brand will reap the rewards of greater trust, loyalty, and affinity generated by your influencer marketing efforts.


Social commerce is one of today’s hottest shopping methods. And beauty brands are perfect candidates for stellar conversions when leveraging social media influencers.

In the new paradigm, an influencer has the ability to demo, promote, and sell your brand’s products through their social channels – and offer a 1 touch option to buy.

This shift has both e-commerce brands and consumers thrilled – as it’s incredibly easy to make an immediate purchase, without jumping through a lot of hoops.

The truth is, you don’t need to be a huge brand to take advantage of social commerce trends. You can leverage your influencer marketing initiatives and increase engagement, traffic and sales with these authentic creator connections.


Above all else, the greatest asset your brand has in influencer marketing – beauty industry or not – is your community. 

People are what drive business. So it pays to curate solid engagement with your community – and leverage the communities of your influencers.

Successful beauty brands have mastered the art of community building and engagements, designing content that inspires conversations rather than just likes. Video and livestreaming content have become the biggest area of content development in the last few years, given the overwhelming popularity of the medium – which is only growing year after year.

Whether it’s live demos, tutorials, or behind the scenes footage, beauty brands and influencers are funneling the majority of their time, resources, and money into developing video-based content.

One of the challenges many brands face is bringing together a cohesive influencer marketing strategy – and integrating it into their e-commerce environment. Until recently, getting cohesive data involved mining multiple platforms for information and trying to create a solid narrative based on the results. When combined with unreliable and often contradictory numbers, it can be a frustrating experience without the right platform. 

Creatable is the top platform that combines a creator marketplace, native integration into your e-commerce solution, robust infrastructure that makes reviewing, approving, and tracking influencer content a snap – plus, a comprehensive dashboard of reliable data and analytics.

When one of your influencer’s followers make a purchase after engaging with a video, you’ll be able to track that transaction in real time, plus access to robust metrics available to you from our user-friendly dashboard. These metrics show you what’s working and what needs adjustment right away so you can optimize campaigns, promotions, and the products you’re sending your influencer.

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