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January 23, 2019
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The problem with traditional affiliate video marketing is the lack of a complete picture when it comes to sales attribution. Traditional affiliate networks do not serve shoppable video experiences and therefore cannot connect active video engagement to sales.

Unlike traditional affiliate marketing, the Creatable Video Commerce Cloud is able to measure sales resulting from actual engagement with video and photo experiences, not just a click on a link to a product page.

Capturing active video engagement is critical since over 70% of today’s consumers watch a video before making a purchase. When video views happen higher up in the sales funnel, which is often the case, the sales attribution is lost – leaving you with inaccurate and unactionable data.

That’s where Creatable comes in. In a recent head-to-head test of Creatable vs. a major affiliate network, Creatable was able to attribute 92% more sales to affiliate video posts than the major network!

There are many ways in which a potential customer’s engagement will eventually lead to a purchase. Traditional affiliate networks rely on one type of engagement – link clicks, and therefore, only capture a small percentage of user engagement. Unlike these networks, Creatable measures sales resulting from all video engagement, such as view-throughs, plays, impressions, and clicks. This ensures that actual and complete engagement is captured irrespective of the user’s path to purchase.

When deploying any content-driven performance marketing program, it is vital to ensure that sales from content are measured holistically and accurately.  Creatable supports a complete suite of real-time analytics, providing core metrics and KPIs to follow engagement and conversion metrics that stem from shoppable video experiences, including but not limited to:

  • Revenue Per Video
  • Revenue Per View
  • Revenue Per Influencer
  • Video Conversion Rate
  • Video Average Order Value
  • Video View-through Rate

If you’re interested in building your own turnkey ambassador program, we can help! Creatable will ensure that you have all of the tools you need to run, serve, manage, monitor, and optimize a highly successful ambassador video marketing program, at scale.

To learn more about how you can immediately benefit from an ambassador video marketing program with Creatable, click here to chat with a video commerce specialist today.

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