Stores are Empty. Get your Salespeople Online!

March 13, 2020
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As the Coronavirus spreads, consumers are changing their behavior to protect themselves. In the US, state governments are banning gatherings of 250 people or more. Schools are closing and workers are telecommuting. In fact, many are starting to ‘social distance’, requiring them to stay 6-10 feet from others, as recommended by the CDC

These changes are impacting retail shopping. 58% of people say they’ll avoid shopping malls altogether if the outbreak continues. In fact, in China, 85% are already doing so.  

Did you know that with Creatable, your in-store salespeople can now sell for you online? 

By launching an ambassador video commerce program, you can convert your in-store salespeople into an online salesforce, selling your product to their social audiences nationwide, from their phones, 24/7!

Instead of sitting idle in your empty stores, your salespeople can make videos and photos to demo your products and post directly to your online store with the Creatable app.

They can also share these shoppable posts with their followers on social via the app, who all become your new customers! All videos and photos also appear as organic Google search results.

You can commission all salespeople directly on the app, or through your affiliate network, however you please.

For example, many of our clients such as HSN, Crutchfield, Bed Bath & Beyond, Macy’s, and AutoZone are already using their in-store salespeople to sell online with the Creatable app.

A Salesperson’s “Creatable Page” on

To learn more, Request a Demo and a specialist will be in touch to show you how you can launch an ambassador video commerce program and immediately start generating new online traffic and sales!

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