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September 3, 2020
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As we enter into unknown territory and a new virtual manifestation of reality, many brands are preparing for both unprecedented and long-awaited changes. One of these is ReserveBar, an online store that specializes in luxury wine and spirits as well as custom, collectible, and rare liquor sets. Recognizing that changing times call for changing marketing methods, ReserveBar partnered with Creatable to create a brand ambassador program that would not only extend their reach but facilitate  the showcasing of their products in a unique and effective manner. 

Unlike other products that are typically purchased online, a picture does not suffice when attempting to describe a 20 year old scotch or a limited edition infused vodka. A video -  more specifically, one curated by talented and experienced bartenders, mixologists, and other trusted influencers in the alcoholic beverage industry - however, does the job. By partnering with Creatable, ReserveBar gained access to a plethora of pre-screened and verified influencers with a niche in bartending and was subsequently able to promote their products in an effective manner that truly conveyed their value. 

Due to the incorporation of ReserveBar’s brand ambassador program, shoppers were exposed to a new purchasing experience that enabled them to truly delve into the products and gain a real understanding of the distinctiveness of the wines, spirits, and liqueurs that ReserveBar offers. Customers went from having to guess which drinks would be the best fit for them to watching experienced and reliable individuals discuss the products, review them, and guide buyers in the right direction. The incorporation of Shoppable Videos made ReserveBar stand out as a premier provider of liqueurs and offered customers a way to shop virtually for specialty products that normally would require in person consultations. At the same time, brand ambassadors were given access to novel and limited liqueurs and were able to capitalize on their expertise in this narrow market. Ultimately, the partnership between ReserveBar and Creatable paved the road for the creation of a symbiotic relationship between alcoholic beverage specialists and liquor lovers, and opened up a new world of possibilities for those interested in learning more about the realm of bartending. 

About ReserveBar

ReserveBar was born out of the passion of its founders to allow friends and customers to celebrate and share good times in a uniquely American fashion – by giving the best of premium, reserve spirits, luxury champagne and fine wine as the perfect gift for any holiday, occasion or celebration. Faced with the need to send a gift of several bottles of premium vodka to a college friend, who lived across the country, the founders were frustrated to learn that no website existed that was devoted exclusively to gifting of spirits, wine and champagne that offered easy ordering; upscale gift packaging; and fast and reliable delivery.

Our motto – “Good Spirits. Delivered” – represents both our philosophy of sharing the best of times with our loyal customers and our promise to deliver premium spirits (as well as champagne and wine) to you and your family and friends. We invite you – our loyal customers – to enjoy the Great American Heritage of toasting good times with family and friends, by giving the best of premium, reserve spirits, wine and champagne as the perfect gift for any holiday, occasion or celebration.

About Creatable

Creatable enables salespeople beyond the limitations of physical stores by activating ambassador storefronts on ecommerce sites, where they post shoppable content. Ambassadors drive traffic to their storefronts from their social audiences, generating new engagement and sales. Shoppable videos become discoverable on Google search. Creatable serves the entire experience, and directly reports on all sales. Ambassadors can earn a commission from their sales, paid directly on the app.

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