Creatable Launches "Right-Rail" Video Commerce Ad for Digital Publishers

May 3, 2017
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San Diego, CA -- May 3, 2017 -- Creatable (, the leading provider of cloud-based video commerce technology, announced today the launch of the Video Commerce Cloud for Publishers. Digital media publishers can now deploy video commerce experiences to their properties, at scale, and monetize their experiences with traditional pre-roll video ads as well as an entirely new commerce-based ad unit called the “Right-Rail.” This new ad unit is an exclusive, patented unit that transforms the world of digital advertising. The new “Right-Rail” Video Commerce Ad Unit gives visitors the ability to browse multiple product offerings that match the context of the video. Product offers are delivered from hundreds of merchant advertisers that are already running on the Creatable Video Commerce Cloud, including Newegg, Reebok, AutoZone and many others, looking to drive high purchase intent traffic back to their eCommerce stores. Digital publishers can choose to deploy the “Right-Rail” on existing video players or leverage the entire breadth of the Creatable Video Commerce Cloud to power all video experiences sitewide. “Those engaging with our Video Commerce Right-Rail units report that click-through rates have skyrocketed 10 times,” noted Matt Babineau, VP of Product Marketing at Creatable. “We also see a 40% increase in conversion rates and a 30% increase in average order values from traffic that flows to advertisers from ‘Right-Rail’ Video Commerce advertising.” Creatable is excited to bring the full capabilities of our Video Commerce Cloud to publishers, including video sourcing, video and product recommendation engines, video experience management and a complete suite of video analytics. The Creatable Video Commerce Cloud not only increases click-through rates and time spent on the site, but also opens up a completely new stream of revenue through educating and informing consumers about product offers with video, generating higher valued traffic for advertisers. The Video Commerce Cloud for Publishers is available now. To request a personalized demo of the platform and capabilities, please visit our publisher signup form.About Creatable One of the main challenges for merchants and publishers today is how they will generate the double digit growth they need to compete in a highly competitive online marketplace. Consumers have an 8.25 second attention span, and spend over 5 hours/day watching video. Today, video consumption and shopping occur on the same device, yet merchants and publishers have no effective way to capitalize on the powerful, untapped video medium. Creatable solves this problem. We are the Video CMS that empowers merchants and publishers to source, publish and monetize Video Commerce Experiences at scale. Creatable is headquartered in San Diego, California with offices in NYC. The Creatable Video Commerce Cloud is leading the industry and setting the standard for how consumers interact and shop with video across merchant and digital media properties.

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