Creatable Launches Facebook Video Re-marketing Capabilities for Brands and Retailers

December 4, 2017
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Creatable Video Audiences enable intelligent Facebook Video Re-Marketing Campaigns

SAN DIEGO, Dec. 4, 2017 -- Creatable, the leading provider of cloud-based interactive video commerce technology, today announced the launch of a new platform capability, Video Audiences, enabling brands and retailers to segment, follow, monitor, and re-market to visitors on their site by following content viewing habits."Significantly higher-intention to purchase (and a correspondingly higher conversion rate) is discovered, and validated, with deep content consumption behavior," noted Matt Babineau, VP Product Marketing at Creatable.These valuable video audiences are then followed and retargeted on Facebook. With the Creatable Video Commerce Cloud, advertisers are able to retarget viewers with interest-based shoppable video advertising, proven to significantly increase conversion and order values.Learn and target interest groups determined by actual content consumption, not just pages visited. Deploy unique branded re-marketing strategies that leverage the right assets, proven to work with each designated video audience.Creatable Video Audience Retargeting can be achieved in three easy steps:

  • STEP 1: Create a Video Experience on your Site
  • STEP 2: Build Video Audiences by following what people love to watch
  • STEP 3: Retarget Video Audiences on Facebook and dynamically serve the highest converting videos for each audience with matching products leveraged through the video sidebar

"This is a major step forward for brands and retailers who wish to capture more revenue from their video viewers. The video audience segment is often overlooked in retargeting campaigns, but our platform can now identify your video viewers and serve these viewers a continued flow of the highest converting video creative, wherever they may be," said Allon Caidar, CEO, Creatable.Creatable reports online visitors who engage with shoppable video purchase three to five times more often than those who do not, and on average generate a 20 percent higher order value.Visit to learn more about Creatable Video Audiences and to Request a Platform Demo.

About CreatableThe main challenge for merchants today is how to generate the double digit growth they need to compete in a highly competitive online marketplace. Consumers have an 8.25 second digital attention span and spend over 5 hours/day watching video. Video consumption and shopping today occur on the same device, yet merchants have no effective way to capitalize on the powerful, untapped video medium. Creatable solves this problem, empowering merchants to source, publish and monetize video at scale.Creatable is headquartered in San Diego, California. The Creatable Video Commerce Cloud sets the standard for how consumers interact and shop with video across all digital media properties. For more information, visit

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