Creatable + IBM WebSphere Commerce Integration

December 14, 2016
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We are excited to announce the official launch of our integration with IBM WebSphere Commerce. This streamlined connection between platforms enables faster deployment and quicker time to market. IBM WebSphere Commerce customers can take advantage of these benefits along with the improved customer experience Creatable brings to brand and retail commerce websites. Creatable is also a registered IBM Business Partner solution provider. IBM WebSphere Commerce customers can now leverage the Creatable Video Commerce Cloud across their entire website even easier.

Creatable enables you to deploy video widgets or pages to your existing customer experience. Video Widgets are lightweight, customizable scripts that enhance the customer experience by augmenting a page with dynamically delivered video content. The content is optimized for conversion using the Creatable Engine. The design of each widget is completely flexible and works perfectly within mobile responsive websites.

Video Commerce Pages are entire web pages delivered by the Creatable platform. These pages feature a video first interactive engagement layout and are indexed by search engines to provide video search results. This can be a very powerful organic traffic channel when applied to large content libraries. These video commerce experiences are powered by product data seamlessly delivered through the Creatable + IBM WebSphere Product Feed Integration. The integration enables the Creatable platform to automate the matching of products to videos, and drive related products to display within video commerce experiences.Download PDF for Integration Setup & Configuration

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