Ad Tech Could Be the Next Internet Bubble

December 9, 2020
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Matt Hanan, Creatable VP of Client Success voices his take on the article below about the state of the digital ad industry.

The article below highlights some of the major faults that are inherent in the digital ad industry. We, at Creatable, see onsite human-powered digital marketing well positioned to address such faults. In a digitally savvy world, Creatable offers the consumer a real path to engage and consider a brand and product through trusted ambassadors. We bring humanity into digital marketing with a mechanism that works, because it is real, measurable, and accountable.

We believe it is healthy to question your ad spend. Question the rent you pay Google and Facebook every month to run ads. What is your actual return? What are the actual sales generated? How do you know that the impressions and views you gain are truly worth the price paid and that such value is, at a bare minimum, repeatable the month after.

With Creatable, you create first party engagement that you can measure; generated by humans and content on your site. Your own real estate becomes the source, and the destination, for both content and commerce. You onboard fishermen to get you fish as opposed to just buying fish. These fishermen can improve every day because you have first party data to share with them. With digital advertising today, you rent uncertain quality, on unknown real estate and you can't truly measure where your dollars go. The world has changed. As a brand, it’s time to invest in your own real estate and stop relying on those who claim they deliver, with data - and at prices - that they unilaterally control.

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