High Sierra

Case Study: 

High Sierra

High Sierra, a Samsonite brand, and manufacturer of versatile bags, backpacks and duffels designed for life’s endless possibilities sought out Creatable to help them to weave a cohesive marketing message that spoke to its diverse customer base on social media.

The Challenge

Though they do have a successful D2C channel, High Sierra principally sells their products through retail partnerships with large multi brand retailers. They needed a way to connect and track marketing efforts from a cohesive social media message to various carts seamlessly.

The Objectives

High Sierra sought to partner with a platform that gave them the full service marketing chops of a large influencer agency and at the same time the deep and powerful functionality and data of top shelf influencer marketing technologies.

The Solution

Creatable, through its Influence product, was able to give High Sierra all that and more. With a diverse network of influencers managed by an expert team of campaign managers, and the world’s most powerful creator marketing platform at their fingertips, High Sierra was able to run multiple campaigns on social media and track activity that led to transactions via multiple retail partners.

The Results

In short order, High Sierra was able to solidify lucrative partnerships with influencers who had proven to move the needle for their brand across multiple social media platforms and retail partner sites. Creatable was able to give High Sierra the results they sought and the blueprint to achieve those results repeatedly going forward.