Customer Experience


TVPage enhances the catalog with matched videos and photos for each and every product, at scale. Just think about it. In order to display the right video on a given product page, or insert the highest-performing video for a product ad, you need a newly found cross-reference between content and catalog, scalable and accurate, at all times. This is a core part of the value you generate when using the platform and growing the assets and data you need to optimize sales for today’s consumer.


By leveraging the content commerce index, advanced AI technology and your first party data, the platform always serves the best content for any product, and the best product for any content. This is how your product pages and campaigns are able to dynamically incorporate content that is proven to perform.


Leverage the TVPage widgets to serve the right content on your product pages. The TVPage platform yields a complete cycle. Activate a source for content, grow the index of content to your catalog, and serve the right content to your product pages with a recommendation engine that lifts your conversion rate while you sleep.


TVPage has established millions of matches between content and catalogs over the years. This data, combined with advanced AI algorithms, is able to: (1) recommend relevant products for all videos and photos; (2) trigger moments in speech and visual frames where the specified products are offered; and (3) generate smart interactions that optimize for sales via engagement.


Built upon the versatile adaptive technology of  HLS and DASH streaming, the TVPage online video player, and platform-integrated video hosting and adaptive-streaming delivery services, ensure a high quality broadcast-grade experience for your consumers.  Additionally, the TVPage online video player is ADA compliant supporting keyboard navigation and closed captions.


By leveraging the TVPage platform to manage and publish videos directly within your online store, you are automatically generating a “TV” page with each and every video. This natively supports Google’s recommendation to ensure that you have a standalone video page for each video on your site in order to index a video search result. With the added product information on each page, indexed natively by TVPage, the page can be discovered on Google by searching the relevant matching product keywords. With “TV” pages, you are naturally supporting a potential video search result on Google with each and every video that is brought into your website.