Customer Engagement


Creators make themselves available on the TVPage Storefront app for direct 1:1 engagement that can be triggered anywhere in the online store. Integrated direct communication mediums include whatsapp, sms, and facebook messenger.


Creators easily promote live virtual meetings on their storefronts via integrations with Zoom, Gotomeeing, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and Twitch.


By running TVPage, you are converting your site into a media destination, fueled by content from multiple evergreen sources. This content and associated traffic from your creators generates first party engagement and conversion data, at scale. In a world where third party data is becoming unavailable due to third party cookies/identifiers being banned and dropped by browsers and apps, every brand must rely on their first party customer experiences to learn how their consumers behave and engage with their brand and products. The data that TVPage captures enables you to fuel marketing strategies via consumer engagement signals and run the highest performing content as creative for your marketing campaigns.