Monetize your expertise.

Convert your social followers into customers by posting and sharing shoppable content about the products and brands that you love.

What is a video storefront?

A video storefront is where you post shoppable video and photos to sell products. Share to all social channels and boost your sales. Your content lives on the brand’s site and becomes discoverable on Google search, generating sales while you sleep.


Personalize your storefront

Make it your own. Personalizing your storefront is fun and lets you speak to your audience.


Stats for creators

Did you know that the majority of active storefronts generate tens of thousands of dollars per month? Ready to get started?


How it all works

Sign up to launch storefronts for any number of brands. Immediately upon approval, your application will be put in front of thousands of brands who are looking for experts like yourself.


Mobile app for creators

The Storefront by TVPage mobile app lets you focus on creating, not managing dashboards or spreadsheets. Post and share content, monitor your sales and configure your payout settings all in one place.

Ready to get started?

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Frequently asked questions

What percentage commission do I get paid?

This varies by brand and is available to see in your account.

What are the requirements for applying?

  1. An active social media presence.
  2. A desire to grow your income.

How many posts do I have to make every week?

You are free to make as many or as few posts as you’d like. The more posts you make, the more money you make!

Can I choose which products I post about?

Yes, you can post about any product(s) that your brand sells.

Can I create posts for multiple brands?

Yes, you can post for multiple brands unless a brand you post for requires otherwise.

Where do my videos and photos get posted?

When using the Storefront by TVPage mobile app, your content is posted on your brand’s website. See example here. Then, within the app, simply share your videos and photos to your social media accounts. Your posts will link back to your content on the brand’s site which generates new sales.

Do I get paid if someone watches my video but doesn’t purchase the product right away?

Yes, if the customer buys within 30 days of viewing your video.

Do I need special equipment or is my phone good enough?

No, a smartphone is all that you need to get started. A tripod, ring light and microphone will make your content even better!

Ready to post content and get paid?