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March 27, 2020

Hibbett Sports and TVPage

Building the online destination for quality sports equipment and apparel.


Hibbett Sports has been satisfying customers since 1945 with its commitment to personalized customer service and access to top athletic-inspired brands like Nike, Adidas, and Under Armor. The publicly traded retailer owns and operates more than 1,000 stores across 32 U.S. states and generates nearly $1 billion in annual revenue. In other words, it's a bonafide powerhouse in the sports equipment and apparel industry.

However, the world of retail has completely changed since Hibbett Sports' inception 75 years ago. Today, most consumers would rather purchase products online, from the comfort of their own homes, than walk into a physical storefront. Hibbett Sports knew it needed to adapt.

Hibbett Sports in Jasper, TX

The Hibbett Sports website.

The Challenge

To win at e-commerce, a company must create quality content on a consistent basis and provide a frictionless digital buying experience for customers. It's a tall order — especially for a retailer who built its entire empire offline, in a time when constant content wasn't nearly as important as it is today and the buying experience was handled by flesh and blood humans, not a series of machine-powered web pages.

Hibbett Sports needed to rethink the way it sold products. It needed to join the online revolution and embrace e-commerce in a real way. So, in 2017, the company launched a brand new website to help attract internet-savvy customers.

This strategy helped, but the sports equipment and apparel retailer still had a major content and digital buying experience problem. Realizing this, Hibbett turned to TVPage for help.

The Solution

Once Hibbett Sports decided to partner with TVPage, the sports equipment and apparel company was able to easily boost its online sales. Let's take a look at Hibbett's two main areas of concern (content and the digital buying experience) and examine how TVPage solved both of these problems without much added effort from Hibbett staff members.

The Power of Video

Before we can talk about how TVPage has helped Hibbett Sports solve its content and digital buying problems, we need to talk about the amazing power of video.

As we're sure you're aware, video is an incredibly powerful medium. This is especially true in the world of sports equipment and athletic apparel where customers want to view specific products before they purchase them.

Think about it, would you buy a high-end pair of running shoes or a baseball glove before seeing them in action? If you're like most people, the answer is probably not.

Hibbett Sports helps its customers overcome this hurdle by allowing them to see, with their own eyes, the products they're about to buy being used by both professionals and amateurs alike via the video content TV page sources. Now, let's talk about content:

Constant Content

Content sourced by TVPage for Hibbett Sports.

Let's face it, creating one piece of quality content is difficult, but creating it on a consistent basis can seem like a completely unattainable goal for most companies. Unfortunately, without content, it's incredibly difficult to succeed in e-commerce, as we've already discussed.

To overcome the constant content hurdle, Hibbett Sports uses the TVPage platform to automatically source professionally branded videos online and add them to its website. This strategy has allowed Hibbett to grow its content library from 0 to 1,765 video assets in less than a year.  

And because TVPage features state-of-the-art Video Player and Broadcast-Grade Video Delivery, every online video published via TVPage is of the highest possible quality.

Digital Buying Experience

An Instagram post shared by Hibbett Sports in Naples, FL.

Hibbett Sports also uses TVPage to create an unparalleled digital buying experience for its customers. The TVPage Matching Engine allows Hibbett to find content online and then add it to the product pages on its website automatically.

When a customer clicks on a specific athletic shoe, for example, they can watch the video reviews and branded promotional content that Hibbett has sourced from the web — without ever leaving Hibett's website. This means that the customer journey from researching a pair of sneakers (or any other product that Hibbett sells) to actually buying them is completely painless.

If there's one thing we know about online sales, it's that the modern consumer does NOT tolerate inconveniences. If a product is hard to purchase, it won't be bought. TVPage helps Hibbett Sports create an enjoyable buying process for its customers.

The Results

By partnering with TVPage, Hibbett Sports has been able to easily solve its content problem and create a frictionless digital buying experience for its customers. This partnership has resulted in numerous, tangible breakthroughs for Hibbett Sports such as:

  • Hibbett's online conversion rate has improved by 34% since working with TVPage.
  • The sports equipment and apparel retailer has a video view-through rate that is greater than 60%, and on average 8 videos are viewed per session.
  • In general, Hibbett's customers spend well over 5 minutes on the company's website because of the engaging videos that TVPage has helped it source.
  • Hibbett's increased conversion, view-through, and on-site metrics have led to millions of dollars in additional revenue for the company.

The results that Hibbett Sports has been able to achieve are impressive, but they're not uncommon. By partnering with TVPage, your company can take advantage of social commerce and boost online sales in a meaningful way as well!

About TVPage

TVPage enables shoppable content and salespeople beyond the limitations of physical stores by activating storefronts on ecommerce sites, where they post shoppable content. Salespeople drive traffic to their storefronts from their social audiences, generating new engagement and sales. Shoppable videos become discoverable on Google search. TVPage serves the entire experience, and directly reports on all sales. Salespeople earn a commission from their sales, paid directly on the app.