Creatable campaigns get it done

Creatable campaigns
get it done!

Why do Creatable campaigns perform better?


Connected with your eCommerce catalog


Support for any product, or
product collection


Drive both social and first-party engagement

Creator discovery

Creator discovery

Find and invite the creators that speak your brand’s language. Gain access to millions of creators that are waiting to post content and get paid.

Supported across all major social platforms

Partnered and integrated with key platforms

Creators engage consumers on all platforms and apps

Product seeding

Product seeding

Manage all shipments to creators with Creatable product seeding. Support for multiple product collections and detailed inventory management.

Control and engage creators throughout the campaign

Constant creator communications
Push notifications
Moderate creators
Approve all content and
social posts

Campaign metrics

Campaign report

Creatable campaigns provide detailed metrics. Understand how creators are progressing and performing in real time. Learn how to repeat great results, and optimize where needed.



Set campaign fees based on real-time recommendations driven by marketplace supply and demand. Creatable takes care of the entire payment process, supporting creators across the globe.
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