Allon Caidar Set to Speak @ eTail West 2018

Topic: The Creative Combination — Experiential, Innovative & Disciplined

The executives who oversee creative have the challenge of balancing brand with cutting-edge ideas. With so many entry points to connect with the customer, brands must be innovative yet disciplined; messages across channels need to surprise and delight, inform and entertain—these panelists will do just the same as they discuss their experiential marketing tactics:

  • Taking bold, outside box steps while still maintaining brand identity
  • Finding new channels for customer engagement and testing how a story plays on these channels
  • Launching creative campaigns with consumer and audience feedback via qualitative and quantitative data
  • Using the flagship store as a creative marketing channel and integrating digital campaigns
  • Taking results back to the drawing board and collaborating internally for future success

Featured Panelists:

  • Allon Caidar, CEO & Founder, TVPage
  • Catherine Mouttet, Creative Director, David’s Bridal
  • Ryan Marfone, Creative Director, The Home Depot
  • Charlene Benson, Creative Director, KOMAR Brands
  • Suzi Jones, Heads of Brand Creative, Warby Parker

TVPage is located in the middle of the exhibit floor @The Gaming Lounge #409

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